PET Scans Ontario
PET Access Program

The Ontario PET Access Program considers, on a case-by-case basis, requests from physicians for the provision of PET scans for patients who may benefit, but who do not meet the eligibility criteria to receive PET scans under one of these other categories: insured services, the PET Registry or clinical trials.

Referring physicians need to confirm in the application that other diagnostic tests do not provide the clinical information needed, and indicate how a PET scan may influence the clinical management of the patient.

How to apply to the PET Access Program

If you are a patient: Speak with your physician to determine whether a PET scan is an appropriate diagnostic or treatment assessment tool for you.

If you are a physician:

  • Review the list of indications to confirm your patient’s eligibility.
  • Confirm that your patient meets the criteria for the PET Access Program:
    • There is some evidence for the role of PET in this clinical circumstance.
    • PET results may change clinical management of the patient.
    • PET provides a benefit over conventional testing.
    For full criteria and policy, see the PET Access Policy.
  • Register now / Log in to the online referral tool to access PET-centre-specific forms and submit your completed request, including the following supporting documentation:
    • Clinic and/or consult notes outlining the patient's relevant medical and treatment history, including the problem that PET is being asked to address (usually the most recent 2 to 3 clinical notes will suffice)
    • Complete conventional diagnostic work-up from the past 3 months, including all imaging studies, pathology reports, bloodwork, etc., relevant to the application
    • Include documentation from any multidisciplinary case conference/tumour boards where the patient was discussed.
  • Tip: Articulate how the PET results will be used to inform next steps for patient management.

Review Process for PET Access Program

After submission, applications to the PET Access Program are assessed on a case-by-case basis by an expert panel consisting of a radiologist, a nuclear medicine physician and a disease expert (e.g., usually an oncologist).

For more information about the PET Access Program review process, see the PET Access Policy.

Communication of Outcome – PET Access Program Review

The PET Access Program communicates all decisions or requests for information to the referring physician.

If you are a patient, speak with your healthcare provider about the outcome of the review and the next steps in your care. Your healthcare team is in the best position to provide you with this information and any support you might need. The PET Access Program cannot share this information directly with you for privacy reasons.

Want more information?

Contact the PET Scans Ontario Information Line at 1-877-4PET-411 (1-877-473-8411; toll-free in Canada only).