PET Scans Ontario
PET Access Program

The Ontario PET Access Program considers, on a case-by-case basis, requests from physicians for the provision of PET scans for patients who may benefit, but who do not meet the eligibility criteria to receive PET scans under one of these other categories: insured services , the PET Registry or  clinical trials .

Referring physicians need to confirm in the application that other diagnostic tests do not provide the clinical information needed, and indicate how a PET scan may influence the clinical management of the patient.

How to apply to the PET Access Program

All requests must be completed and submitted by the referring physician.

  • Review indications to verify patient’s eligibility. Patient must not be a candidate for insured services, the PET Registry or clinical trials.
  • Confirm that your patient fits the criteria for the PET Access Program. For criteria, see the PET Access Policy .
  • You must register and log in to the physician online referral tool.
  • Gather all required supporting documentation
  • Complete and submit online the PET scan request

PET Access Review

After submission, applications to the PET Access Program are assessed on a case-by-case basis by an expert panel consisting of a radiologist,a nuclear medicine physician, and a disease expert (e.g., usually an oncologist). Referring physicians are then notified of the decision by PET Scans Ontario.

For more information about the PET Access Program review process, see the PET Access Policy .