PET Scans Ontario
PET Scans Ontario uses an evidence-based approach to ensure appropriate access to PET scans in the province
Insured Services

OHIP covers PET scans for certain approved cancer and cardiac indications

~ Lung cancer (4 indications)
~ Colorectal cancer (2 indications)
~ Lymphoma treatment response assessment (2 indications)
~ Esophageal cancer (2 indications)
~ Head & Neck cancer (2 indications)
~ Thyroid cancer
~ Germ cell tumours
~ Myocardial viability assessment
PET Registry

Physicians can access PET scans for patients who do not meet the criteria for OHIP’s insured indications

~ Pancreatic cancer
~ Melanoma
~ Lymphoma staging

PET Clinical Trials

Eligible patients can participate in a clinical trial on the use of PET for diagnosis and treatment assessment
~ Locally advanced cervical cancer
~ Recurrent cancer

PET Access Program

Physicians can access PET scans for patients who do not qualify for a clinical trial or the PET Registry

~ Conventional diagnostic tests have not answered the clinical question
~ Rare disease or clinical circumstance
~ New standard of practice

  • Now Available : Ga68-DOTATATE PET scanning
  • OCOG Trials Now Accruing : PET ABC and PET MUSE