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Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are important research studies that try to answer specific questions to find better ways to prevent, diagnose and treat an illness. Trials are conducted to test a hypothesis that a PET scan improves diagnosis and treatment when there is little or no published evidence.

The PET Scans Ontario Program supports PET clinical trials approved by the PET Steering Committee and conducted by the Ontario Clinical Oncology Group (OCOG). OCOG works with researchers to design, conduct, analyze and publish the trials.

How do I enroll in a clinical trial?

Speak with your physician to determine whether you are eligible for a clinical trial, and whether a PET scan is an appropriate diagnostic or treatment assessment tool for you.

Contact one of the principal investigators to refer a patient to a clinical trial.

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Other PET clinical trials may be available through local hospitals. These are run by local investigators and are not part of the PET Scans Ontario program. Contact your physician or local hospital for more information.

Ontario’s PET clinical trials provide high-quality – and internationally recognized – evidence for appropriate use of PET in diagnosis or for the clinical management of patients. This evidence is critically important for the safety and appropriate care of Ontarians as well as determining which indication will be covered by OHIP.

OCOG PET clinical trials now recruiting

PET ABC for the staging of patients with clinical stage III breast cancer

PET MUSE for the staging of muscle-invasive urothelial carcinoma of the bladder

This list will be updated as trials are completed, or new trials are added. Please check back periodically.

For detailed information or to enroll a patient, visit the Ontario Clinical Oncology Group at 

OCOG Trials Accrual Recently Completed

This list will be updated as trials are completed. Please check back periodically.